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Hawaii Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program Logo

The Hawaiian Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program logo represents the creation of life according to the Hawaiian creation chant known as the Kumulipo: "Born was the male, born was the female, born was the coral polyp, from which the coral came forth." The designer of the logo, Jane Teixeira was a commercial illustrator. She worked with Ku’ulei Rodgers to develop the design. They recognized the relevance of the Kumulipo to the Hawai‘i Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program and were inspired to create a logo based on the Creation Chant. By placing the coral as the primary organism after humans in creation, it documents the profound understanding the Hawaiians had of the importance of the coral reef to the entire ecosystem. Similar to the Hawaiians who protected the reefs through effective resource management, our program is dedicated to the study of Hawaiian coral reefs and the development of knowledge required to effectively manage and sustain coral reef productivity and health.


Beckwith Kumulipo Translation

* Translation from: Beckwith, Martha (translator and editor) 1951. The Kumulipo, University of Hawai‘i Press, Honolulu.




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